Dear Reader,

Please use the following guidelines for making the best out of
this  our  E-Tone® to rapidly improve your Hebrew.

The E-Tone® is presented to you using the special Ulpan-Or method.
We believe that using our unique system, you will significantly improve your
Hebrew, while enjoying reading and listening to the latest news items from
Israel and the world.

In order to make fast and significant progress, please follow the guidelines below:
  • First study the vocabulary and write down new words and expressions on a  
    Flash Card. One side in Hebrew and the other one in  English.  
    Then listen to each item several times while reading it.
  • Make sentences with the new vocabulary                     
  • Translate back into Hebrew the item text presented to you in English.

* Please note that the English translation that we especially prepared
  for you may sometimes sound awkward. This has been done on
  purpose, so that it better matches the backward translation into

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