1. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 26 June, 2007.

    Special Order

    Our Price:  $1.00

    This special form allows you to make a payment for special programs and products which you may have ordered after having discussion with Ulpan-Or staff and which are not listed in our on-line shop.
    Please use the following steps to complete your order.
    The form was designed with a basic product price of $1 per unit.
    Please enter the number of product units equivalent to the special price that was confirmed by Ulpan-Or.
    Click on "Ulpade Cart" to confirm the quantity and then check out to proceed with the payment process.
    Example: To make payment of $635  for a special course (not listed among standard courses)  please enter in the “product quantity” field – 635.
    Click on "Ulpade Cart" to confirm the quantity and check out.
    In the comment field please indicate what the payment was made for.  

    * Please note: Courses and products delivered in Israel are subject to additional 16% VAT (Value Added Tax) fee


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