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    Tu-BiShvat Haggadah -Eversion

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    "..your G-d, is bringing you to a good Land; a Land with streams of water, of springs and underground water coming forth in valley and mountain; a Land of wheat, barley, grape, fig and pomegranate; a Land of oil-olives and date-honey; a Land where you will eat bread without poverty - you will lack nothing there.." - (Deuteronomy 8:6-10) 


    In the book of Vayikra (19:23) we find the following commandment:
    "And when you will come into the land and (you will) plant any tree for food…"

    The origins of Tu-Bishvat remind us that we are the descendants of an indigenous people, heirs to an ancient wisdom whose echoes can inform our choices today on subjects like how to eat in a manner that is healthy for us and sustainable for the whole planet, or how to rest in a 24/7 world.

    The kabbalists of Safed encourage us to open ourselves to mystery, wonder, creativity and celebration by conducting a "Tu-BiShvat Seder", similar to one conducted on Pesach. This is an oral wisdom, something learned from others, rather than from books.

    Seder Tu-Bishvat is celebrated nowadays in many Jewish homes.
    This unique Tu-Bishvat Seder is clearly read and explained on the audio tracks wchich accompany the text.  

    We made both the text and the audio portion available for you to download from the internet, when you purchase this unique E/Audio book from our online shop.  

    Use this kit with joy for your Tu-BiShvat celebration!!!

    When ordering the eVersion, a link for download will be supplied after your order will have been processed.

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