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    E-Tone Based (Weekly News Digest) Course

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                    E-Tone Based Guided Distance Learning Course

    A unique Guided Distance Learning (GDL) system was developed at Ulpan-Or, being based on Ulpan-Or’s R.L.A Rapid Language Acquisition method.

    The system allows the student be immersed in and surrounded by Hebrew anywhere in the world.

    During the course students get personal coaching using advanced tools, which allow them to be in constant and direct contact with their coach from Ulpan-Or.

    Communication with the personal coach is done either via the Internet using Skype or similar tools or via a telephone line.

    The studies in this program are based on the Ulpan-Or Electronic Interactive Newspaper E-Tone, received by E-Mail on a weekly basis suited for your level  - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

    This monthly module includes weekly 45-minute lessons with your private coach. The lessons are held once or twice a week (depending on the selected option), discussing the E-Tone items published in each weekly issue and extensively practicing your Hebrew skills.

    Course participants get the weekly E-Tone issues as part of the course materials and continue so after ending the course up to 3 months from the start date.

    Please note: Courses and products delivered in Israel are subject to additiona; 16% VAT (Value Added Tax) fee


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