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    Two-Week Personal Hebrew Workshop

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    Learn or significantly improve your Hebrew in just 2 weeks!!!!
    Participate in an Intensive Intermediate Level "Israel Experience" Workshop in Jerusalem

    Be able to communicate in Hebrew with a significantly increased confidence and fluency!

    In our experience the two-week intensive immersion "Israel Experience" workshop is the most effective, and astonishing in its results Hebrew program. 
    After years of successfully running intensive Hebrew workshops, we at Ulpan-Or conducted research in quest of yet the best formula for rapid Hebrew acquisition.
    We found out that combined individual class and outdoor T-Ulpan (Touring Ulpan) activities gave best results. We further found out that there a very effective way to divide the class activities into smaller chunks of face-to-face individual meetings, followed by self-study time spent in Ulpan-Or offices.
    Based on those findings, we have designed the "Israel Experience" workshop. 
    This workshop has been designed to combine classroom studies with Ulpan-Or Touring Ulpan activities and let you have a real Israel experience, being "immersed" into Hebrew most of the day, during the workshop.
    Such a workshop is held in a "one-on-one" setup utilizing Ulpan-Or unique methods incorporated into a special program that is designed for student's individual needs.We can be fairly flexible in class time slots, taking into consideration student's other needs, such as touring, sight seeing, meeting people.Our standard two-week workshops usually start each Sunday every month**, but if needed, we can be more flexible toaccommodate the dates for your visit. The program is uniquely designed for each student after an initial free DEMO lesson.
    Each daily session lasts 3 hours. The session is split into 3 half-hour individual lessons, each followed by a self study session in Ulpan-Or office.
    In addition, during each week students will participate in either an outdoor Touring ulpan (T-Ulpan) session, studying Hebrew while exploring Jerusalem and practicing Hebrew in live day-to-day situations or in a Cafe-ulpan session, speaking Hebrew over coffee in one of the charming Jerusalem coffee shops.
    A total of two out-of-office sessions will be conducted during the workshop.
    The program is uniquely designed for each student after an initial free Level Evaluation / DEMO lesson. 
    Existing knowledge, special needs and requirements are taken into account when designing the course. 

      * Price includes all the study kits as well as the respective audio content required for the program. 

    * The price is subject to additional VAT (Value Added Tax) fee

    ** Please indicate the requested dates in the "comments" field when checking out. 

    The indicated price is for a private one-on-one workshop including two T-Ulpan tours, but you are welcome to use the enhanced four-tour option as you check out. 
    You are welcome to also choose our unique Cafe'-Ulpan option as you check out.


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