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    T-Ulpan (Touring Ulpan) for Groups (3-5 participants)

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    Participate in an exciting group activity (3-5 people).

    Study and actively practive your Hebrew. Improve your level and gain confidence usng your Hebrew among your group members in various situations while exploring charming places in Jerusalem with your Ulpan-Or guide.

    Converse in Hebrew with Israelis, being guided by your teacher/guide and connect with the people in Israel while touring and capture various aspects of the complex 
    and intricate mosaic - that is Jerusalem!

    The touring session lasts ~ 2 hours.

    A unique Ulpan-Or study kit (Book + Audio CD) is included in the price.*

    (The indicated price is per each participant) 


     * The basic price of $59 is for one private session. Please see additional options for package deals. 


    * Price is subject to additional VAT (Value Added Tax) fee