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    5-Full Basic Level Study Set

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     Full Basic Level Study Set at a special price

    Imagine being able to speak, read and write Hebrew with ease  and right away!

    Get out Beginner Level Study Set.

    Great results for total to intermediate beginners!

    This set includes 4 interrelated study kits; each one includes a book with closely following audio CDs. 

    Study kit 1:  Hebrew Alphabet Study Kit

    This study kit includes a study book and two audio CDs (or 1 equivalent MP3 CD)
    Study the Hebrew alphabet in a unique and fun way. The audio CDs provide exact explanations and instructions for reading and writing the Hebrew letters
    In 5 lessons you will study the print and script letters and you will be able to read and write in Hebrew

    Study kit 2:  Hebrew Orientation Study Kit


    This kit was designed to give you an immediate start talking Hebrew right away!

    In the booklet the text includes both: Hebrew and phonetic pronunciation (transliteration), so that those of you, who don't yet know the Hebrew alphabet, can read and correctly pronounce the new words!

    Be immediately able to converse with Israelis, ask for directions, buy food and drinks, shop in markets, stores, malls and much more…

    As usual with Ulpan-Or method, the text is recorded on the CD, so that you are able to get the exact pronunciation and be able to communicate with people in Israel.


    Study kit 3:  Basic Level Study Kit  


     This study kit starts from the very beginning and is divided into ten structured units.

    Each unit contains:


     Grammar section 

     - Dialogs

     - Easy modern Israeli songs explained and accompanied; with vocabulary 

     - Each section is closely followed by a separate CD track.


    Study kit 4:Hebrew Verb Study Kit for Beginners (Revised)   

    This newly updated kit includes a study book and 3 audio CDs (or 1 equivalent MP3 CD).


    This is a totally new revised edition that includes material much beyond just Hebrew verbs...

    This kit includes a study book that comes with 3 Audio CDs or 1 MP3 CD, which includes recordings of the written text and explanations in English.

    The study book includes material about Hebrew verbs and Hebrew sentence structure. The material is presented in a unique way. Unlike traditional verb study books, Ulpan-Or teaching method is based on the root music of the various verb groups, which is easily and quickly absorbed by students.  It is a very useful book to study Hebrew grammar from the very beginning, gaining good knowledge related to the Hebrew language structure, preparing you to actively use it in conversation.

    At the end of this book we have included a Flash Card section ready for cut-out and easy study and practicing.

    After completing the kit, the student will have covered the present tense for various verb groups and will be able to build grammatically correct sentences.  

    Save $$$

    * Note: As a standard option this kit comes with a link to downloadable MP3 files. These contain all the audio tracks of the entire kit. It is equivalent to several audio CDs. The files are easily downloadable to computers and portable devices.

    If desired, you can burn regular audio CDs or MP3 CDs from those files.

    An optional MP3 CD can be delivered at extra cost.


    * Please note: Courses and products delivered in Israel are subject to additional VAT (Value Added Tax) fee



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