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    Cafe'-Ulpan (as an addition to a workshop)

    Our Price:  $349.00

    Ulpan-Or's new initiative - Cafe Ulpan is meant to allow the students who are participating in our intensive programs to actively practice their Hebrew in an informal ordinary Israeli relaxed atmosphere and be immersed into Hebrew.

    The idea is to create an immersion environment by providing additional time for practicing Hebrew with different people in the afternoon hours.

    Be immersed into Hebrew:

    Get additional Hebrew practicing in the afternoon. These sessions will be with Ulpan-Or teachers and possibly with other students at your level in a warm and an informal atmosphere, such as a coffee shop or similar.

     You will order the coffee in Hebrew for yourself and the teacher and have a structured conversation over the coffee, covering the topics you have studied during the day. 

    This additional "Hebrew time" will help you gain a lot of confidence and start feeling at ease with Hebrew.

    Cafe' Ulpan  will take place usually in the afternoon hours. Each session  will last  for about an hour.

    Two Cafe'-Ulpan meetings will be held during each week. A total of four meetings will be held during the two-week intensive course.

    Your cup of coffee is included in the price.

    Enjoy sipping your coffee while having a free discussion in Hebrew!!

    * The price is subject to additional VAT (Value Added Tax) fee

    ** Cafe' -Ulpan can be taken either as a stand-alone option or as a part of a workshop at a discounted price. 

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