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    3-Introductory Level Study Kit

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    The Basic Level study kit is part of our iHebrew TM series. It starts from the very beginning and is divided into 7 structured units.

    Each unit contains:

        - New Vocabulary    - A grammar section 
        - Dialogs for improving conversational skills

    Each section is closely followed by a respective CD track. 

    After completing the kit, the student will have usually progressed by one full level, acquiring some 500 new Hebrew words and expressions. The 500-word dictionary is provided at the end of the study book.

    The student will be able to communicate in Hebrew on an easy day-to-day level. 


    * Note: As a standard option this kit comes with a link to downloadable MP3 files. These contain all the audio tracks of the entire kit. It is equivalent to several audio CDs. The files are easily downloadable to computers and portable devices.

    If desired, you can burn regular audio CDs or MP3 CDs from those files.

    If you are interested in receiving MP3 CDs instead at an additional cost, please select the respective option.

    * Please note: Courses and products delivered in Israel are subject to additional VAT (Value Added Tax) fee


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