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    Children's Study Kit

    Our Price:  $20.99

    In the booklet the text includes both: Hebrew and phonetic pronunciation (transliteration), so that those shildren who don't yet know the Hebrew alphabet, can read and correctly pronounce the new words!

    As usual with Ulpan-Or method, the text is recorded on the CD, so that that are able to get the exact pronunciation and be able to communicate with people in Israel.

    Be immediately able to converse with Israelis, ask for directions, buy food and drinks, shop in markets, stores, malls and much more…

    * Note: as a standard option this kit comes with one MP3 CD. It contains all the audio tracks of the entire kit. It is equivalent to several audio CDs. This CD is easily downloadable to an I-Pod or any other portable player.

    You can burn regular audio CDs from it as well.  


    This kit was designed especially for children having in mind children's realm and the text is accompanied by audio recordings made by Israeli children.  

    The kit gives children an immediate start to talk Hebrew right away!


    * Please note: Courses and products delivered in Israel are subject to additional VAT (Value Added Tax) fee



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