Cancellation Policy


Deposit payments for courses are nonrefundable.

If cancellation by student occurs at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of the course, and the student has already made full payment, he will receive refund equal to - full payment minus the deposit.

If cancellation occurs during the course, notifying us 24 hours before taking the third lesson, the student will receive refund equal to - 30% of (full payment – minus the deposit).

If cancellation occurs during the course, after taking the third lesson, there will be no refunds made.

Ulpan-Or printed materials and eBooks:

Note to Bookstore Purchasers:
Ulpan-Or is not responsible for the quality of the content (including but not limited to Author Content) of any printed book or ebook in Ulpan-Or Online Store. Each book you purchase from the Ulpan-Or Bookstore is custom printed or downloaded only upon your order, and we don’t warehouse books, therefore we do not accept returns or process refunds for any reason, except for the limited book replacement policy set forth below.

Printed Books
Cancellation Policy for Printed Books. A User can cancel an order for a printed book for approximately one hour from the time the order.
Past one hour, please understand that Ulpan-Or cannot provide refunds or cancel orders, and except for the cases expressly described in this return policy (i.e., Ulpan-Or agrees to replace your printed book because it arrives damaged, with a material manufacturing defect, or a material defect in workmanship), Ulpan-Or will not accept returns.

Return Policy for Printed Books. On the off chance your printed book arrives damaged, with a material manufacturing defect, or a material defect in workmanship, contact us via Ulpan-Or email within 14 days of receipt and we will work with you to secure a replacement copy if necessary. There may be minor differences across different prints of the same books and/or across books printed by our different book-printing partners, including, but not limited to, slight variances in color fidelity and binding type. While we work very hard to keep our product as consistent as possible, this variation is a normal occurrence and is not considered a manufacturing defect or a defect in workmanship and does not qualify for a reprint.

Ulpan-Or eBooks
Ulpan-Or eBooks are not subject to the above Cancellation Policy or the Return Policy for printed books.

Ulpan-Or does not provide ability for users to cancel orders or obtain refunds for, or to receive replacements of eBooks.