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Ulpan-Or – Hebrew at the Speed of Light

Ulpan-Or is a private innovative center for Hebrew studies and Israeli culture with campuses located in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.Many call us “The Harvard of Ulpanim”, because of our unique excellent world-class teaching methodology.

We use a revolutionary way of teaching Hebrew that combines a unique experiential methodology developed over 30 years of research in language instruction.

Combined with an International customer service standard, Hebrew language learning experience at Ulpan-Or is both effective and enjoyable, while achieving fast results.

Find out about our FREE programs for New Immigrants in Israel

We are proud to be the official exclusive provider of Hebrew programs to the American Embassy in Israel.

Among our students are professionals, business people and tourists of all ages and levels as well as Birthright plus participants, Masa students and many more.

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Find out about our FREE programs for New Immigrants in Israel.

More than 100 schools, universities and communities in North America, South America, South Africa and Australia successfully use Ulpan-Or’s unique iHebrew™ curriculum.

Wholistic teaching approach – PPT

Our trained and certified dynamic teachers use a combined wholistic approach which we call PPT (Pedagogy + Psychology + Technology) to achieve best results in minimum time.

Pedagogy – Ulpan-Or’s pedagogy is based on Rapid Language Acquisition (RLA) developed by Ulpan-Or founders Orly and Yoel Ganor.

Psychology – in learning a second language one has to overcome many psychological barriers, which might hinder the progress. We address those and assist our students to overcome them with ease.

Technology – our programs include online and offline media-rich interactive materials which are easily accessed by our students using smartphones, tablets, PC or Mac computers.

FREE programs for New Olim

And now we are delighted to announce that Ulpan-Or, has been selected, qualified and certified by the Israeli Ministry of Absorption (Misrad Haklita) to provide Hebrew programs to new immigrants. (New Olim). These programs are FREE using vouchers provided by Misrad Haklita.

New Olim can now fully benefit for FREE from Ulpan-Or’s revolutionary methodology for learning Hebrew.

RLA allows students to learn Hebrew rapidly, while making the ancient language of Hebrew come alive today in a fun and welcoming environment.

We are so happy to be able to help new immigrants to master Hebrew, which is absolutely essential to their successful absorption process in Israel.

Whichever Hebrew level is chosen, students at Ulpan-Or learn more Hebrew at a faster pace with higher retainment rates, than other Hebrew programs.

This is a great opportunity for every New-Oleh and resident in Israel to experience the Ulpan-Or’s unique, fast and effective programs for FREE.

At Ulpan-Or students learn in small groups (4-6 students) using cutting edge interactive material delivered by our dynamic and responsive teachers.

Our programs for New Olim at various levels start every month.

For more information how to register or to check if you are eligible, contact us NOW and get to know all about the process.

Please learn more about our programs and start learning Hebrew at the speed of light with Ulpan-Or!

About the voucher program:

Following are the latest guidelines published by the ministry of absorption:


Those who immigrated to Israel and received immigrant status from 1.1.2017 to 31.12.2019.

  • Age: 17 or higher on the day of submission of the application for a voucher.
  • Study track – option 1:
    Person who starts Hebrew studies with Ulpan-Or, using a voucher, and plans to complete the process at the regular ulpan Ministry of Education.
  • Study track – option 2:
    Person who continues Hebrew studies with Ulpan-Or after have completed first ulpan (Ulpan A) of the Ministry of Education and has been present at the ulpan till the end of his studies there.
  • Voucher value – 7,500 NIS. Student makes payment to Ulpan-Or and is reimbursed by the ministry of absorption.

* Note: It is necessary to find out about your particular eligibility.

For assistance please turn to the offices of the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption.