GSH First Taste Novice Low

$97 / 1-Month

One-Week GSH First Taste course – ONLY $97

After 20 years of research, Ulpan-Or founders Orly and Yoel Ganor have developed a method called Rapid Language Acquisition which enables students to learn Hebrew quickly, while enjoying the process.


Discover the fun methods that prove that language learning can be so much more than boring classroom instruction.


A placement test will ensure that you are starting on the level that is the best suited for you.


Tens of thousands of student alumni, the IDF, The Jewish Agency and many more, attest that Ulpan-Or is the place to go for effective Hebrew learning.

Recently Orly, Yoel and the Ulpan-Or team developed a new and very effective format of a hybrid Hebrew course.

They named it GSHGuided Speak’able Hebrew™ course.  This course is based on the same proven Rapid Language Acquisition methodology.

The GSH hybrid course combines the advantages of both – synchronous and asynchronous learning formats.

On the one hand, it allows students to study at their convenience anytime, anywhere, and at any level.  On the other hand, it provides personal interactive recorded video lesson guidance and encouraging instruction by a live teacher from Ulpan-Or for each unit, emulating an actual lesson.

This course will help you to master Hebrew and use it:

  • When you need it
  • Where you need it
  • With confidence

Feel of immersion

Students’ experience is similar to the one of being immersed in Hebrew and guided by a live native teacher from Israel.

The GSH course currently covers seven Hebrew levels:

  • Absolute beginner
  • Novice-Low
  • Novice-Mid
  • Novice-High
  • Intermediate-Low
  • Intermediate-Mid
  • Intermediate-High

One-Week GSH First Taste course – ONLY $97

  • The one-week GSH First Taste includes all the elements of a full blown 12-week course for each level.
  • It will have students achieve considerable progress (even breakthrough) in their Hebrew at each level in one week only.
  • Students will maintain access to their material library for an extended time of three additional weeks.

Following this course, those who wish to take the full course for each level will receive a special 20% discount. 


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