“Hebrew Boost” – Rapid Online Hebrew Immersion Program

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Introducing our ‘Hebrew Boost’™ program:

This is a uniquely developed personalized online course designed to take you from your current stage in your Hebrew learning journey to the next one in just a matter of days!

Whether your level is “Absolute Beginner” or “Advanced-High”, in just five days, you could double your learning pace and achieve your learning goals at half the time it would typically take.

How does our ‘Hebrew Boost’ program look?

Upon signing up for the ‘Hebrew Boost’ course, you will get engaged in daily one-hour meetings with our senior Israeli Hebrew teacher, who will tailor each lesson to your learning needs and rate of progress.

Get a special discount and achieve outstanding results in just five days!

Regular price (all online materials included): $499

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Course schedule

These courses are available every week till Dec. 26, 2021
Available time slots for this course are:

  • Sun – Thur: 6:00 AM Israel time
  • Sun – Thur: 7:00 AM Israel time
  • Sun – Thur: 8:00 PM Israel time
  • Sun – Thur: 9:00 PM Israel time

Please select your preferred times from the registration form.

Terms and conditions

Students must register for a full semester and commit to doing all self-study coursework assigned during the program.

Teachers must attend all lessons and are not allowed to take days off for vacation or exams during the semester.

No make-up lessons are available. Instead, students get either a prerecorded lesson or audio/video instructions.

Good Luck on your Hebrew journey!


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