Power Hebrew™ (Groups)


Did you know that true power comes from collaboration and friendship?

Team up with your friends and excel in Hebrew together!

Our Power Hebrew™ course – the group immersion program, is a dynamic and interactive way for you to learn Hebrew and be exposed to Israeli culture amongst friends.

In this program students study in a traditional Talmudic “Khavruta” setup (4-12 students).

The course consists of ten 3-hour lessons spread over four weeks (Sun—Thur).

In addition, you will experience two 1.5-hour exciting real-life outdoor learning activities.

These outdoor activities are where you can practice and improve your Hebrew in real life situations. Outdoor activities include visiting local sites in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv (depending on the branch you are in), as well as improving your conversational Hebrew over a cup of coffee at a local cafe.

Below are start dates for upcoming Power Hebrew™ courses:

Nov 3rd 2019 Dec 1st 2019 Jan 5th 2020
Feb 2nd 2020 Mar 1st 2020 May 3rd 2020
Jul 5th 2020 Aug 2nd 2020 Sep 6th 2020


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