Semestrial Online “Hebrew Mastery” Course

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We are proud to introduce a new format of Hebrew courses in the NEW academic year at Ulpan-Or Online Campus.

As an education institute that prides itself in its core values of Pedagogy, Psychology, and Technology (or “P.P.T” for short); and in light of the vast changes the world is going through – we know we too have the responsibility to adapt and overcome challenges.

So, in an effort to make Pedagogy, Psychology, and Technology all work in our and our students’ favor, we have made changes in the format of our courses.

We invite you to join us and enjoy the future of Hebrew teaching:

  • Small-group semester-based courses
  • Personal digital materials
  • Fast progress
  • And most importantly: * Fast results – Speaking and understanding.

Course schedule

  • Four semesters: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer (12 weeks each).
  • Upcoming Winter semester dates: January 9th – April 14th.
  • Twice a week, one academic hour sessions. Total of 24 meetings.
  • Up to four students in a group.
  • Courses will open only with a minimum of 2 students per group.

Price: $1,785

Winter Semester days/times

Please find the available openings for each level in the sign-up section.

Not sure about your current Hebrew level?

Click here for an online evaluation

Terms and conditions

Students must register for a full semester and commit to doing all self-study coursework assigned during the program.

Teachers must attend all lessons and are not allowed to take days off for vacation or exams during the semester.

No make-up lessons are available. Instead, students get either a prerecorded lesson or audio/video instructions.


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