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Ulpan-Or Syllabus

           Absolute-Beginner Level:
            Curriculum Description

This program is for students who have no background in Hebrew at all, and
offers a complete comprehensive introduction to the language. It introduces
the student to the Hebrew language in a pleasant, easy and fast format.
The program is comprised of building blocks that form a solid foundation
for Hebrew language acquisition, including:

      -Learning to read and write the aleph-bet (the Hebrew alphabet) in
      block and script letters
      -Constructing a vocabulary base for day-to-day conversations
We have 7 individual units comprised of Hebrew dialogues with words and
phrases usable in everyday communication (for example, meeting new
people, asking for directions, shopping for groceries, and counting
numbers). Each of the units includes an interactive test on the vocabulary
within that unit.
The program is based on a combination of grammar and vocabulary to
enable basic conversation in Hebrew.
Learning the dialogues in each unit builds the student's self-confidence to
begin speaking in Hebrew.
The student will learn dialogues both structurally and grammatically in
depth, while practicing how to use the words in natural and practical real
life situations.

   1. Acquisition of approximately 50 new words, including nouns, and

   2. Basic dialogue skills regarding shopping, meeting people, and asking

   3. Counting and using numbers 1-10.
   4. Learning the entire Hebrew aleph-bet, all vowels, reading of Hebrew

      block and script letters and writing.

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                              RN .‫ העתקה והפצה אסורים‬,‫ כל שימוש‬.‫אור‬-‫כל הזכויות שמורות לאולפן‬
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