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Ulpan-Or Syllabus

                Ulpan-Or’s Seven-Step Process

                       Effective Study Flow

Ulpan-Or’s unique accelerated study process includes simple seven
steps. These involve several sensory faculties and include watching
videos, listening to audio, reading text and writing practice.

Cute dialogue videos provide additional essential enjoyable dimension,
which accelerates the learning process.

Please follow these seven study steps accurately throughout your
learning process to achieve fast and effective results.

The study flow in each unit has been designed to accurately follow the
sevens steps, as described below.

                  Ulpan-Or’s Seven-Step Study Process

1. Watch video     2. Listen to vocabulary        3. Listen again to
                   audio and fill in missing     vocabulary audio.
                                                  Check yourself by
                     Hebrew vocabulary        reading correct answers

4. Listen to text  5. Listen again to   6. Watch    7. Act out in
audio and fill in   the text audio.    video again  Hebrew from
missing words       Check yourself
     in text          by reading
                   correct answers

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            RN .‫ העתקה והפצה אסורים‬,‫ כל שימוש‬.‫אור‬-‫כל הזכויות שמורות לאולפן‬
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