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Ulpan-Or Syllabus

Ulpan-Or Hebrew Study Program Building Blocks

Ulpan-Or unique tools and aids provided for you:

  MIT2 – Methodology, Information, Technology, Teachers

Methodology - Rapid Language Acquisition (RLA)methodology developed after 20 years
of research.

         Based on this methodology clear objectives are presented for the whole course with
         detailed interim goals and assessments.
         Progress is achieved throughout the course with spiral
         continuity, broadening, expanding and deepening the
         knowledge as needed at each stage of the course.

Materials – Structured, relevant up-to-date media-rich materials
based on RLA methodology. These include:

    • Vocabulary – precedes the text, translated and recorded for easy memorization,
         repetition and exercise

    • Dialogues and stories in authentic Israeli environment with video and audio

    • Questions, exercises, quizzes.

Technology – materials are presented in media-rich eBooks available for you on your
device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet) to watch, listen and exercise anytime and anywhere.

Teachers - Coaching and guiding is provided by Ulpan-Or trained and qualified dynamic

                          Copyrighted and owned by Ulpan-Or. Any usage without express permission from Ulpan-Or is prohibited

                              RN .‫ העתקה והפצה אסורים‬,‫ כל שימוש‬.‫אור‬-‫כל הזכויות שמורות לאולפן‬
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