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Ulpan-Or’s iHebrew™ Curriculum
             General Description

Ulpan-Or’s iHebrew™ interactive curriculum has been
designed to address the needs and requirements of both
students and teachers at various Hebrew levels starting
with total beginner level up to very advanced level.
It is based on unique second language acquisition approach – RLA (Rapid Language
Acquisition) developed by Orly & Yoel Ganor, founders of Ulpan-Or.

iHebrew™ utilizes 21st century interactive learning methodologies as well as
advanced technology to allow true utilization of concepts such as:

       Blended Learning

       Flipped Classroom

       Differentiated Learning

       Personalized Learning

The iHebrew™ curriculum Hebrew levels coincide with those defined by ACTFL
(American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), which makes those very
objective and creates a common denominator for objective level assessments.
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