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Ulpan-Or is an innovative center for Hebrew learning, connecting you to Israeli culture with campuses located in Israel, and anywhere else in the world using our online programs and self-study kits.

Over more than 25 years, Ulpan-Or gained vast experience with various audiences: kids, teenagers, young adults, and adults from North America, South America, Australia, South Africa, and Europe.

We are proud to be the sole supplier of Hebrew programs to the IDF, where each new immigrant soldier is absorbed into the Army through our Hebrew course.

We also provide a variety of programs to foreign embassies in Israel.

More than 70 schools and universities in North America, South America and Australia successfully use Ulpan-Or’s unique iHebrew™ curriculum.

Participants of various Masa programs, Onward Israel, “Magen David Adom” and many more, study Hebrew with Ulpan-Or.

Please learn more about our programs at www.ulpanor.com and start learning Hebrew at the speed of light with Ulpan-Or!

Learning Hebrew is conceived by many people as a long, drawn-out process.

Ulpan-Or is changing that notion by offering quick, easy, and fun ways for people to pick up the language before arriving in Israel and then making their time in Israel much more significant and comfortable, with the feeling of “Being at Home” after arriving in Israel.

Ulpan-Or’s interactive online courses have been designed to address the needs and requirements of students at various Hebrew levels starting with a total beginner level up to the very advanced (Almost Israeli) level.

These are based on a unique second language acquisition approach – RLA Rapid Language Acquisition  https://www.ulpanor.com/rla/ developed by Orly & Yoel Ganor, founders of Ulpan-Or.

Our methodology is based on the authentic and natural acquisition of a second language mimicking the same process through which toddlers naturally acquire their mother tongue.

The main focus of these courses is to quickly acquire the ability to speak and comprehend Modern Hebrew and the confidence to use it while also addressing the reading and writing aspects of the language. Significant progress and remarkable results are usually achieved much faster than with traditional methodologies.

Our interactive group online courses utilize 21st-century learning methodologies and advanced technology.

Ulpan-Or’s interactive materials include interesting, enjoyable, up-to-date video, audio, and written content encompassing cultural, social, and professional aspects of life in Israel.

The grammar aspect is addressed in a “spiral” progressive way, covering Hebrew verbs and syntax in an enjoyable way, avoiding boring explanations and exercises.

The study of Hebrew grammar is done using short and entertaining video clips, which assist in faster absorption of new material and longer retention.

Our students report significant progress just after a few lessons with Ulpan-Or native Israeli professional, young and dynamic teachers.

We believe that it will be possible to effectively apply our revolutionary RLA – Rapid Language Acquisition method to your group as well.

Using our unique RLA method, we at Ulpan-Or are usually very successful in improving the situation in just a couple of weeks.

Ulpan-Or offers various unique online Hebrew learning opportunities to match the specific needs of our students.

The goal is for our students to quickly and joyfully acquire a lot of Modern Hebrew in a very short time, while engaging in a wide range of enjoyable enrichment activities, and, of course, use Hebrew with confidence!


Find how it all started at:  https://youtu.be/1ZTDJHnb0N4

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Yoel Ganor

Founder and Chairman

Orly Ganor

Founder, Executive Director

Nesia Golan

Director of Research and Development

Alisa Shteinberg


Akiva Harris

Director , International Programs

Mayrav Ashkenazi

Customer Success

Einav Avruch

Didactic Team Manager

Erez Hodis

CIO & Web Developer