Learning a language doesn’t have to be a sprint. When you want to take a marathon approach, we’re here to help. Our unique E-books, E-Tone® – the weekly news digest, and interactive audiovisual learning options give you the ability to continue to learn Hebrew and grow in your studies, while exploring Israeli culture.
When you want to learn Hebrew at your own pace based on your current educational level, we can provide the customized support you deserve.

  • Stay up to date on current events
  • Learn relevant words and phrases
  • Practice reading and understanding important cultural developments

With our E-Books and the E-Tone® from Ulpan-Or, you can always stay up to date with the developments in the Hebrew-speaking world while improving your cultural comprehension.

Interactive Learning Options

You can make very nice progress using our interactive E-Books, but fluency in a language goes beyond simply knowing vocabulary and grammar basics; true fluency means understanding current events, cultural phenomena, politics, and so much more. When you want to stay up to date with the Hebrew-speaking world, E-Tone®, our weekly news digest, allows you to learn Hebrew words and phrases in a relevant, topical way. Explore updates in Israel, the U.S., and around the world!

Stay Up-to-Date with the News

Newsletters aren’t usually that exciting, but our weekly news digest – E-Tone®, goes beyond. Each news story is available in Hebrew and English text, as well as in audio and video formats to help you learn pronunciation and context for many common words and phrases. The text even highlights new vocabulary words and provides definitions to help you improve your language skills, providing a truly interactive learning experience.

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