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Klaus Nielsen

I achieved fully what I came for: trying out my spoken Hebrew for the first time. Also very impressed with the structure of the course: classroom activity + walkabouts with teacher. There was never a dull moment. Toda raba Ulpan Or!


Sarah Zimerman

I am so satisfied with my experience at Ulpan Or. I genuinely feel that the instructors considered my specific learning goals and, through their tremendous help, I am on my way to reaching them. I know I have made great improvements in my Hebrew language skills in just the two short weeks that I was able to join the program. I now have a lot of tools, as well, to continue to grow my Hebrew skills and to continue to become a more active participant in the life of the city in which I live.


Daniel Chardell

My experience at Ulpan Or was fantastic. Hila and all of the other teachers were extremely competent, friendly, and encouraging. I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed this experience.


Josh Morrel

As always, it was fantastic!


Julia Shapiro

Ulpan Or is an 11 out of 10.
I would recommend to absolutely anyone who wants to learn Hebrew.
Their flashcards are easy to use.
The workbooks and audio recordings are relevant and detailed.
The instructors are incredibly fun and encouraging, and their methods work!
I’m so grateful for my experiences with both the branch in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
My confidence and skills with Hebrew have skyrocketted.
Thank you Ulpan Or!

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Through Guided Distance Learning you can learn Hebrew online from a computer, smartphone or tablet wherever you might be with your own personal, native-Israeli teacher.
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Nothing compares to an in person immersion into Israeli society. Our customized programs put you in the heart of Israeli culture, having you learn Hebrew as quickly as possible.
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Our unique audiovisual learning options give you the ability to learn Hebrew and grow in your studies at your own pace while exploring Israeli culture.
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