Ulpan-Or presents a unique Hebrew program for kindergartens.

The long-awaited Hebrew curriculum for kindergartens has been launched.

The curriculum is offered for both: Online and Offline setups.

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See the video below with teacher’s feedback from the introductory phase.

It joins the existing Ulpan-Or iHebrew™ curriculum used currently by schools from all over the world in grades 1 to 12.

What is iHebrew™?

For the past 10 years, hundreds of schools and over 5000 students worldwide have been enjoying learning Hebrew with the innovative iHebrew™ program

iHebrew is a one stop shop for institutional Hebrew teaching, providing
both students and teachers with personalized access to the 9-level, ACTFL-based comprehensive materials, weekly news, holiday activities and various Israeli culture contents!

We provide teacher training, year-round support and tailor-made content designed to meet students at every level and guide them on their Hebrew learning experience in a fun and meaningful way!

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The iHebrew program set out on a mission to make learning fun exciting and engaging for each and every student.
We do that by giving each student access to level fitting materials in an individualized account, thus allowing teachers to run fully differentiated classrooms.
We also make sure to constantly keep up with current fun and relevant materials from Israel, including weekly news, songs, tours and much more. iHebrew™ is the only program that facilitates and supports active Hebrew speaking; making language progress faster and enjoyable from the very beginning.

For our teachers – we provide hands on training, support and meetings, and solutions for the entire school community such as individual online Hebrew lessons for students/teachers/parents, class activities in Israel, and much more!