Digital Courses

Ulpan-Or’s Digital Self-Study Courses

Ulpan-Or’s interactive digital Modern Hebrew self-study courses have been designed to address the needs and requirements of students at various Hebrew levels starting with a total beginner level up to the very advanced level.

These are based on a unique second language acquisition approach – RLA (Rapid Language Acquisition) developed by Orly & Yoel Ganor, founders of Ulpan-Or.

The main focus of these courses is to quickly acquire the ability to speak and comprehend Modern Hebrew while also addressing the reading and writing aspects of the language.

Our digital self-study courses utilize 21st-century interactive learning methodologies as well as advanced technology.

Our materials include interesting, enjoyable, up-to-date video, audio, and written content encompassing cultural, social, and professional aspects of life in Israel.

The grammar aspect is addressed in a “spiral” progressive way, covering Hebrew verbs and syntax in a fun manner, avoiding boring explanations and exercises. The study of grammar is done using short and entertaining video clips, which assist in faster absorption of new material as well as for longer retention of it.

In addition to the study material, we provide access to printable workbooks, as well as to the Quizlet platform for further practice.

The Hebrew levels addressed by the courses coincide with those defined by ACTFL (American Council On the Teaching of Foreign Languages), thus making Ulpan-Or’s course level definitions very objective.

Per the ACTFL classification, our digital courses address three primary levels:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each of these levels is further divided into three sub-levels:

  • Low
  • Mid
  • High

Open the Syllabus eBook to learn more about Ulpan-Or levels and also get a detailed description of material studied at each level.

Please click here to assess your current level online.

Then, based on the result, subscribe to our corresponding digital course.

Once you complete a certain level, you can advance to the next one.

The progress, of course, depends on you – we recommend that you spend approximately 30 minutes a day engaging in the enjoyable study of Hebrew.

Our students report significant progress just after a few days using Ulpan-Or’s digital courses.

Let us help you in fulfilling your dream to master Moder Hebrew!!!

Good luck!