Hebrew from Insight Out


A Bridge from Ancient to Modern Hebrew

This new exciting multimedia eBook series is part of Ulpan-Or iHebrew™️ arsenal of Hebrew learning eBooks and applications.

It presents to the reader fascinating insights, parables and commentaries associated with all the 54 weekly Torah portions included in the Five Books of Moses.

The main objective of this series is to assist the user in accessing biblical text in its original language – Hebrew, while having a full translation of the text and associated vocabulary into English and enjoying reading it as well as listening to the interesting commentary content.

In this series we present various aspects of the Hebrew language related to the biblical text insights included in the weekly Torah portions and provide a bridge between some ancient words and expressions and Modern Hebrew words and expressions.

This content layout is based on the unique RLA – Rapid Language Acquisition methodology developed by Orly and Yoel Ganor, founders of the Center for Hebrew studies and Israeli culture Ulpan-Or. This methodology is applied with tremendous success for learning Hebrew by Ulpan-Or branches in Israel and abroad.


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