Ulpan-Or is a one-of-a-kind language program designed to integrate you into Israeli culture, offering campus-based learning and online study opportunities. With locations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and a comprehensive online program accessible from anywhere, there’s never been a better time to explore a brand new way of life.

The Eshkol Program

Ulpan Or’s unique Eshkol program allows groups to learn and study Hebrew together in a dynamic and fun atmosphere. Learning together is an enjoyable experience that allows participants to speak together in real situations.The Hebrew-grammar program includes the following components:

  • Online evaluation of participants prior to their arrival in Israel. Ulpan-Or will have a better feel as to the Hebrew-grammar level of most participants, allowing for a customized program from day one.
  • Immersed study sessions in our Jerusalem or Tel Aviv offices custom designed for your specific group’s needs.
  • Tours, travel and coffee shops, where the groups will learn Hebrew grammar with Ulpan-Or’s Rapid Language Acquisition methodology and practice Hebrew grammar in real-life situations.
  • Access to our vast selection of online study materials and workshops which are based on audiovisual learning.

Immerse yourself in Israeli culture

There’s no better way to learn a language than to deep dive into the culture of the people speaking the language. With Ulpan-Or’s unique Hebrew immersion program, your group can learn a new language while experiencing everything Israeli culture has to offer. By studying at one of our Israel-based centers and interacting with real Israelis, everyone will truly experience Hebrew at a practical level.

With help from our talented and professional instructors, your group will gain the confidence they need to connect with fellow speakers and express complex thoughts and ideas in Hebrew in a very short time. Through our unique Rapid Language Acquisition program, they’ll be ready to speak Hebrew within a week!