“Hebrew Fast & Easy” Trial



“Hebrew Fast & Easy” Trial


Ulpan-Or’s new unique and innovative GSH – First Taste provides a glimpse at the full blown-up GSH course.

It is actually much more than a glimpse, because this short, one-month course by itself, allows the user to master a lot of significant material.

  • Personal video recorded lesson guidance.
  • Interactive digital materials: Quizzes, exams, games, and other fun activities.
  • Online assignments. Submit your answers using a video or audio recording or in writing.
  • Interactive guided practice of new vocabulary – words and phrases.
  • Daily Assignments – requires only 10 minutes a day.
  • Asynchronous learning format – study at your convenience anytime, anywhere, and at any level.

Detailed Course Description

This hybrid course combines the advantages of synchronous and asynchronous learning formats.
On the one hand, the course allows students to study at their convenience anytime, anywhere, and at any level.

On the other hand, it provides personal, recorded video lesson guidance and encouraging instruction by a live teacher from Ulpan-Or for each unit, emulating an actual lesson.

Students’ experience is similar to participating in a live lesson and being guided by a live native Israeli teacher. Ulpan-Or’s teachers are cherry-picked and extensively trained for delivering a fantastic learning experience to their students using Ulpan-Or’s proprietary methodology, materials, and structured lessons.

Students receive all the required interactive digital materials for the course at their level. These media-rich ebooks include workbooks, quizzes, exams, games, and other fun activities.

The contents and the assignments are delivered during the course using a predetermined schedule, allowing students to practice and internalize the new material.

Ulpan-Or teachers check the submitted assignments and provide prompt feedback.

Significant focus is on the spoken aspect, where students listen to the video and audio recordings.

An interactive guided repetition of new vocabulary – words and phrases, is provided.

Then, students and teachers assume different roles in the essential activity of acting out and practicing dialogues.
This is a great tool to improve pronunciation and the retention of the learned vocabulary.

The teacher on the video lesson outlines the tasks and assignments that the students need to perform daily (~10 minutes a day), assuring the best progress rate is achieved.

In the final step of each lesson, students are required to submit a recorded assignment (preferably video) of themselves acting out an entire new dialogue.

This assignment is checked, and the final score is given to the student.

Signing Up for GSH-First Taste:

Students receive the “Hebrew Level Assessment” questionnaire by mail upon signing up and making the payment. The questionnaire contains text, video, and audio clips followed by questions.

The answers are checked, and an initial online level assessment is provided to the student.

Hebrew levels could span from “Absolute Beginner”, “Novice-Low” to “Intermediate-High”.

Based on that level assessment, students get access to related materials, which are part of their GSH course. Access information is provided to students by mail.

This way, students become acquainted with the rich library of Ulpan-Or materials and even begin their studies right away.

Within a week, students get access (details are sent by mail) to our interactive learning platform, where the GSH course periodic interactive video lessons and assignments are presented.

The GSH-First Taste course consists of interactive video guiding sessions followed by interactive assignments.

Access duration to this course – one month. Repletion of all sessions is available during this time.

Within that time frame, students can continue practicing and repeating independently as much as they feel is needed, after completing the interactive part.

After completing the GSH-First Taste course, it will be possible to sign up for a Full GSH course at a special discounted price.


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