Hebrew Verbs in The Palm of Your Hand



This Interactive Study Kit is the ultimate tool for students to master Hebrew verbs in all tenses with most frequently used ‘Binyanim’ – Verb groups.

It is intended to teach the verb system in Modern Hebrew. In this kit you will find profound, yet easy to grasp explanations as well as fun exercises.

Each chapter also revolves around one content theme. A video clip is brought in each chapter, to sum up the morphology as well as the theme.

The multimedia-rich content of this study kit includes fun video clips, as well as audio content accompanying the text.

It is comprised of three interactive eBooks:

· Verbs – Present Tense

· Verbs – Past Tense

· Verbs – Future Tense

In addition, links are provided for downloadable printable workbooks.

Moreover, online practice of the acquired verbs using the Quizlet platform is enabled with this kit.

The process of learning each new verb group is built quickly, allowing conversations with native Israelis on very useful topics.

Each eBook lets students learn conjugations in the respective tense as well as additional vocabulary in a way that allows students to gain confidence to speak and use their Hebrew at ease.

In addition, easy to follow verb charts are provided to extend the retention of acquired material.