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Introducing Ulpan-Or Online Campus: A New Era of Hebrew Learning, Starting 2024

In a world that continually evolves, the essence of learning shouldn’t be static. We believe that learning is a blend of tradition and innovation. That’s why at Ulpan-Or Online Campus, we’re not just offering a course; we’re shaping the future of Hebrew learning.
At our core lie three pillars – Pedagogy, Psychology, and Technology; the heart, mind, and soul of our institution. They represent more than just words; they signify our commitment to crafting a holistic learning journey.

Hear from Our Students:
“Before joining Ulpan-Or, I had tried multiple Hebrew courses, but nothing clicked. The unique blend of pedagogy and technology here made me fall in love with the language. Within just a few sessions, I found myself confidently conversing with native speakers!” – Olivia R., New York
“Ulpan-Or transformed my Hebrew learning journey. Their personalized materials resonated with my learning style, making the language feel intuitive. Highly recommend!” – Aarav S., London
“The dedication of the teachers and the structured course layout ensured I stayed committed and enjoyed every step of the learning process. The results? I can now read, write, and speak Hebrew with ease!” – Li Wei, Beijing

Here’s What Awaits You:

  • Structured Learning: Dive into semester-based courses, allowing you to pace yourself and master the language.
  • Personal Touch: Unique digital materials tailored for your journey, delivered by our excellent Hebrew mentors.
  • Rapid Mastery: Witness your rapid progression in the language.
  • Immediate Outcomes: Experience the joy of swiftly speaking and comprehending Hebrew.

Details for the Spring Semester 2024:


  • Duration: May 5, 2024 – July 11, 2024 (10 weeks)
  • Session Format: Twice a week, one academic-hour sessions. That’s 24 enriching meetings in total.

Group Dynamics: Learn collaboratively with a small group of up to four dedicated students.
Investment: $2,219

Once-a-week session (for those with a tighter schedule)
Total of 12 deep-dive meetings
Investment: $1,199

Limited Openings: We emphasize quality over quantity. So, act swiftly, as only a few spots remain.
Begin Your Journey: To embark on this transformative experience, reach out to our language consultant:

Email: office@ulpanor.org
Phone: (+1) 516-939-8438

Important Notes:
Commitment: We request students to enroll for the full semester and engage diligently with all assigned coursework.

Dedication from Our Side: Our Hebrew mentors will be with you every step of the way, without any interruptions.

Making Every Session Count: While there won’t be make-up lessons, we ensure you receive comprehensive prerecorded content or guidelines.

Seamless Onboarding: After your enrollment, our team will promptly assist you in setting up your course schedule.


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Spring Semester

Registration Steps

Following your payment, our representative will contact you to coordinate your course schedule.

Special Offer

Looking for a more flexible way to learn Hebrew? Our shortened ten-meeting semester is perfect for busy students!
Limited spots available for this special offer! Enroll by March 21st to secure your place.
Contact office@ulpanor.org today to learn more.