Novice-Mid (Lifetime)


This curriculum encompasses the following content in an integrative and coherent way, which is used in an interactive way to allow students to make significant progress in Hebrew while enjoying the process.

  1. 10 units from “Kita Alef” ebook
  2. Infinitives and present tense- Pa’al (3 groups)
  3. 10 Israeli songs


The curriculum is based on various humorous texts which depict people in funny or extreme situations. The student will meet family members, friends, teachers and students, principals and staff members. In addition, the student will encounter Inbar, who will appear in several units. Inbar will tell her story gradually throughout the books, thus allowing students to tell their own stories.

The Goal:

To lead the student to the following achievements:

  1. Acquire an active vocabulary of 500 new words: pronouns, nouns, and adjectives- all related to core contents.
  2. Master foundational concepts and basic dialogs related to: Acquaintance, family, figures and characters, adjectives and history.
  3. Master Binyan Pa’al- infinitives and present tense.

The curriculum is divided into 10 units which build the different skills (listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing) layer by layer.

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4 Months, 1 Year


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