Absolute Beginner (Lifetime)


This Study Kit is the ultimate tool for visitors in Israel, allowing them to converse with native Israelis from the first day.

One acquires the necessary knowledge in basic Hebrew in no time.

New vocabulary is built quickly allowing basic conversation with native Israelis on very useful topics.

The multimedia-rich content of this study kit includes fun video clips, as well as audio content accompanying the text.

The ‘Absolute Beginner’ level curriculum consists of four units, where new useful expressions are learned being intertwined with learning the Hebrew alphabet. Upon quick completion of the material, one is also able to read street signs, food labels, etc.

  1. Vocabulary – the acquired basic orientation vocabulary relates to the following important topics:
    1. Getting to know
    2. Directions
    3. Food
  1. Reading/Writing: Throughout these four units, students will gradually learn the Hebrew alphabet, including Print and Script letters.


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